Good Cardiovascular Exercises You Can Try Today

Do you want to enjoy your old age? Have you experienced difficulty in climbing up the stairs? Would you like to live a life that is free from heart diseases? Then you should get involved in good cardiovascular exercices.

One of the number one causes of death among developed countries result from cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and heart attacks brought about by certain lifestyle changes. The fast food industry is largely to be blamed and people have become engrossed with their very stressful work.

Benefits of good cardiovascular exercises

Being actively involved in good cardiovascular exercises regularly lowers your risk of getting blocked arteries. It lowers your blood pressure and increases your good cholesterol.

Other benefits include decreased body fat and improved blood profile. Not only that, regualr exercise decreases anxiety and depression.

People who are involved in cardio vascular exercises are able to get a restful sleep. It is known to boost our body’s metabolism and strengthen our lungs. It gives you more energy too. More importantly, for those who lose weight, good cardio vascular exercises are effective means of burning calories and fats easily.

With good cardiovascular exercises, you too can have your heart protected. All it takes is dedication, patience and a little of your time three to four times a week. You see, it will not even cost you that much and the results are guaranteed for a lifetime!

Kinds of cardiovascular exercises

You might ask what are good cardiovascular exercises? Actually, there is no such thing as good or best exercise. All yield certain benefits according to one’s specific needs. It is really all about what you like doing most and what increases your heart beat most effectively.

Basically, cardiovascular or aerobic exercises are those that can be done continuously and aimed at getting your heart work from 15 to 60 minutes or beyond. If you go to the gym or fitness centers, you will learn that they come in two different forms, weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing.

Good cardiovascular exercises that are weight bearing include stair climbing, running and rope jumping. They strengthen your bones. Meanwhile, exercises such as bicycling, rowing and swimming are non-weight bearing because in so doing, you are not carrying your body weight. They are easier on your back, knees and other joints.

Examples of good cardiovascular exercises

Running, jogging, biking, swimming and walking are good cardiovascular exercises. Thus, beginners to this kind of exercise has a lot of options to choose from. As always, the trick to an interesting exercise is picking one that you enjoy doing the most. For most people who got hooked with the activity, such does not become an exercise anymore but a hobby.

Exercise can be a lot of fun if you love what you are doing. It can also be a good time to bond with your family and friends. No such activity gives you those benefits the way good cardio vascular exercises do.