What are Happy Feet Exercises?

Our feet are the most important part of our body. Our feet and calves are supposedly the donkey of our body as they take us places and they do most of the work throughout the day. It is important to keep our feet happy and fit in order to get more work done without getting tired.

How we take care of our feet makes a lot difference in our life style. It has a huge impact on how we feel throughout the day, how flexible we are and how much we can move. Not taking proper care of our feet and calves can pose various problems in our day today lives and it can prove to be a major hindrance for us. Foot pain can be caused by anything, like standing for long hours continuously, sitting in same position for a long time, wearing wrong shoes and many other reasons.

What are Happy Feet Exercises ?


Happy feet exercises are the exercises which will help you in keeping your feet happy and healthy. These are the exercises your feet need to make it through a long day or when you have to stand for long hours. These are simple exercises that you need to do daily to keep your feet going strongly.

Feet pain and fatigue can be prevented to quite an extent if a few exercises are followed without any languor.

  • Calf raises are the easiest of the exercises that you can do to prep your feet up and free it from any sort of pain/fatigue. All you need to do is stand on the edge of your toes on any flat surface you encounter like a step, a block or a curb. Then try to slightly turn your feet and make it pigeon toed. Rise up gently on the tips of your toes and try to dig the floor in with the help of weight of your toes. Go as high as you can and then come back down gently. Repeat this exercise a few times till you can feel your calf muscles relaxing. You can also try doing it one foot at a time.
  • There are a few things which you can do while doing your routine work. Like trying to pick up a piece of cloth or a sock lying on the floor with the help of your toes. Hold the piece for a few seconds (5-10) and drop it back. Repeat this a few times to relax your feet. It will help you amp up the dexterousness of your toe muscles.
  • After a long day of walking, sit comfortably on a chair or your bed, stretch out your legs and try to spread your toes for 5-10 seconds and then release. Try doing this till you feel your muscles loosening up a bit.
  • You can also make your feel agile and dexterous by spreading all your toes and trying to move them one by one. This exercise needs a little concentration at first but will prove to be very beneficial in the long run.
  • You can also use a balance board to increase the swiftness in the movement of your feet.

These are the exercises which will help you keep your feet and calves stronger and healthier in the long run. Our feet work and take up the whole weight of our body. We need to take good care of them in return to get benefits in future.

Image Credit: studiopp.com.au