Hot Body Training for Valentine’s Day 2014

The majority of people think that working out is something to do by yourself. Nonetheless, you could make it more romantic by sharing it with your partner. There are a lot of activities that you can both enjoy and it will help you get rid of the box of chocolate you will eat for Valentine’s Day.

Hot Body Training for Valentine’s Day 2014

Partner Squats

These squats are similar to the regular squats. You will have to stand back to back with your partner with the feet hip width apart. Press your backs against each other and increase the distance between your feet to a foot. Lower yourselves as much as you can with your backs still touching. Hold position as long as you can. Start with 10 seconds and increase it to 30 seconds.

Plank Relay

You have to start with a plank position. Come to your elbows and balance on your toes. Pull the belly button into the spine and engage the glutes and the ab muscles. Once you get in position you yell “go” and your partner starts running up and down the stairs. Then he gets into plank position and when he yells “go” you get up and start running on the stairs.


If you can do push-ups, you will be able to do this exercise as well. You both have to start in a push-up position, face to face, at a foot distance. Both of you have to perform a push-up and once you get up, you have to give the other a high five diagonally. Repeat the exercise on the other side as well.

Seated Back Pull

Sit down with your legs extended, facing your partner. Both of you should hold the end of a towel. Pull the towel towards the center of your body while he should have his core engaged to resist the movement. Pulsate three times. Then it’s time for him to pull the towel towards himself and you have to do your best to resist. Naturally none of you should be pulling too hard.

Crunch and Cross

Start by sitting on the floor, facing your partner. Slide a bit to the left so that the knees will be touching. Do an ab crunch while keeping the knees bent. When you’re up, rotate your torso to the side so that your elbows will be almost touching. Do 5 crunches and then switch sides.

You can be sure that the both of you will enjoy these exercises especially because love can prove to be a huge fitness motivator.