Inexpensive And Practical Workouts For Women

Whoever says you need to go to the gym in order to have the body you want is obviously mistaken.

The secret behind a healthy body lies in the kinds of food you eat, your lifestyle, and the right exercise.

Women want to have a slender and fit body which they can be proud of.

In order to achieve it, they have to perform workouts for women.

Everything is expensive nowadays. Gym membership fees are getting higher and exercise machines can cost you a fortune.

Even dietary supplements have prices higher than usual. With these in mind, it already seems impossible for women to do workouts and still get your desired results.

However, you must bear in mind that workouts for women do not need to be expensive or require state of the art exercise equipment.

After all, the effectiveness of a workout does not lie on the machines used but on how consistent you are in your routine and whether or not you are doing the exercises correctly. Below are some inexpensive and practical workouts for women:

Brisk walking

All you need is the right pair of shoes and comfortable clothes and you are set to go.

Brisk walking is one of the most effective workouts for women which guarantee to trim you down and improve your body’s circulatory and respiratory functions. Brisk walk for around thirty minutes a day and watch those excess fats disappear.


No other workouts for women can be more refreshing than jogging every morning when the sun is still low and the cool breeze fans your face.

Jog around the neighborhood or in the park for thirty minutes everyday. Jogging can strengthen your leg muscles and improve your stamina and endurance. It is also an excellent way to get rid of stress.

Weight training

Do you want to have well toned arm muscles? If yes, include weight training in your workouts for women regimen.

Start with light weights and proceed to heavier ones once your body starts to adjust. Weight training can help you build your muscles and at the same time strengthens your arm and shoulders.

Abdominal exercises

Workouts for women also aim to flatten your tummy since it is one of the most visible parts of the body especially if you are wearing something sexy and tight.

Perform sit-ups and crunches to make your stomach muscles defined and toned. Squats and dead lifts can also do wonders to your wobbly tummy.


Biking is also one of the most inexpensive workouts for women. All you need is a nice bike and the right biking gear to protect you. You can bike for several miles during weekends or bike shorter distances during weekdays.

Biking can help improve your cardiovascular function, strengthen legs and thigh muscles, and improve your body coordination too.

You also get to unwind just by looking at the beautiful sceneries you happen to pass by. Moreover, you can even invite friends to go biking with you.