Making Use Of Core Stabilization Exercises

The difficult part during training exercises is not in the carrying out of any given exercises, rather in rendering them less monotonous.

The aim is to achieve decent levels of fitness through three aspects of an exercise program, involving strength and flexibility and aerobic exercises.

The following exercise is related to what is known as ‘core stabilization’. You must initially determine whether you can tense the muscles in your abdomen by pulling them in, as you would do when you pull your car seat belt on tighter; once you have managed the following exercise will be easier to follow.

The core muscles are all those muscles, which sustain our bone structure and stabilize our whole body as we move.

They make up the muscles of the hips, chest, abdomen, thighs, back, torso, chest and buttocks and by strengthening our core muscles we will help sustain our backs, have stronger abdominal muscles as well as a better poise and steadiness.

One of the principal muscles of the core stabilization is the transverse abdominus; learn to strengthen this by contracting the muscle regularly.

Draw your belly button in towards your spine, then keep this up for 10 seconds, while breathing as normal, then let go, repeat this exercise for 10 or 15 times.

This exercise is very effective and can be done anywhere and whenever you wish to, while you drive your car, brush your teeth or even while you sit at the table during dinnertime.