Mesomorph Body Type Exercise And Diet

Mesomorphs are mostly athletes who don’t have problem putting on mass. They are symmetric and have good posture.

They have broader shoulders which help to give a natural athletic look.

Mesomorph body type have full of energy and capable of lot of physical activity. Generally mesomorph body type stores fat equally in all parts of the body, but they can become overweight if they consume high fat and high calorie food.

Mesomorphs who are overweight have the risk of cardiovascular disease. They have to follow mesomorph diet and exercise program.mesomorph diet

As their muscles are thick and powerful, moderate to heavy weights are required to stimulate growth.

For each muscle group, start with three to four exercises. They can change their order of their exercises and type of exercises.

They can use higher reps and lighter weights. Use variety of stimulation to challenge the muscle.

This helps in reducing the injuries and maximizing the gains. Over training should be avoided and attention should be paid for proper rest and nutrition.

Most trainers and experts will recommend three types and combination of exercises per body part, 3-4 sets each with 12-15 repetitions total for maximum impact and lasting effect. Keep workouts under one hour. They can use advanced techniques like drop sets, forced sets, strip sets and super sets.

Other favorite and most effective exercise strategies and combination, workouts and custom sessions for mesomorph body type will revolve around some circuit training, high-intensity cardio, moderate weights, core and strength training.

Your body-type exercise secrets will center on some

  1. Strength Training
  2. sculpting
  3. persistence and disciplined work

Recommended workouts for this body type include:

  1. Step Class
  2. Core Training
  3. Circuit Training
  4. Stairmaster
  5. Running
  6. Crunch Cardio
  7. Aerobic Cross Training
  8. Rope Jumping
  9. Pilates and Yoga
  10. Any form of athletics

Mesomorph diet:

Nutrition and eating habits will have you eating less of some foods and more of others. These people need to follow mesomorph diet that includes a wide variety of foods.

  1. Make protein intake a top priority to build and sustain strong muscles. Include proteins such as tuna, turkey, eggs, salmon, chicken, and whey protein. One pound of body weight requires 1.5 or more grams of protein.
  2. Increase your calorie intake when exercising
  3. Healthy oils such as olive oil and flax seed oil.
  4. Reduce fats and oils to 20-30% only of your total intake calories
  5. Eat slow absorbing carbohydrates. Carbohydrates such as vegetables, brown rice and yams.
  6. Eat six smaller meals, each meal for every two hours.

Make the most of what your body and its strengths have to offer, maintain your stamina and metabolism. Find the balance and place that feels right for you, both in process (as you workout) and there-after. Stay hydrated and make active, balance living a top priority, not obsessing over every little pound, lost, gained or wanting to show up!

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