Pilates Workouts – The Pros And Cons

Some people swear by Pilates as a fitness regime that works best for them; yet others say they don’t have time for Pilates workouts, that it did not have the kind of benefits that they would have liked.

It is also known as Contrology, and was originally developed for war veterans based on aerobics and yoga postures of Surya Namaskaras.

Some find Pilates workouts excellent for good health and wellbeing, but not for weight loss, so what are the Pros and Cons of Pilates?

The Pros of Pilates workouts are:

  • Pilates is very good for strengthening the body, particularly the core muscles of the body. It improves strength and overall fitness.
  • It helps tone muscles and may aid inch loss consequently.
  • Pilates also improves the balance of the body and its flexibility.
  • It is suitable for beginners as well; and many beginners find that it is easier and require less flexibility than yoga.
  • It improves posture and prevents slouching to that you may find an inch or two added to your height. It also adds to grace of general movement.
  • It improves body awareness and range of motion, which many athletes find useful.
  • Pilates can be very useful for injury rehab, when customized to meet individual requirements. people with joint trouble can also do Pliates.
  • It is low impact and does not ask for very brisk movement and gives you a good work out without having to work up too much of a lather and sweat.

The Cons of Pilates workouts are:

  • For weight loss, Pilates is not as efficient as more strenuous exercise such as running or swimming.
  • Pilates is anaerobic exercise so you will not burn as many calories as with other exercises in the same time. However Pilates may help you burn calories in another way: it can help to build muscle which is more efficient at burning calories even when the body is at rest.
  • The exercises have to be performed very precisely in order to get the best benefits. They also require a high degree of concentration which may not be possible every time.
  • If Pilates is being used for injury rehab, it has to be customized for the person, they may not get much benefit from a general class.
  • Pilates workouts often does not offer the returns that one may expect, making them feel frustrated with a perceived lack of progress.

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