Plyometrics Is The Great Method For Developing Muscle Fibers!

The process of enhancing explosive power is known as plyometrics.

The ability of muscle in producing maximum strength within short period of time is known as explosive power.

Plyometric workout combines strength, speed and change of direction that allows the muscle to react quickly with maximum power.

Plyometrics is also known as ‘jump training’.  This is the great method for developing muscle fibers.

The well known consequence of aging will obtain due to loss of lean muscle mass. This problem can be recovered with plyometric workout.Plyometrics

All basket ball players use this plyometrics exercise to jump higher. Plyometrics is all about producing maximum force within short period of time. It will improve the power of jumping.

The well known four plyometric workouts to jump higher are:

  • Rim jump
  • Jump squat
  • Depth jump
  • Jumping rope

These four jumps are explained as follows:

Rim jump:

  • You have to perform this rim jump by standing with your arms by your side.
  • You have to jump up and try to touch the hoop with one hand.
  • Repeat this process for some times.
  • This is the simple process of all other routines.

Jump squat:

  • This will be done by performing regular squats.
  • You have to start it with regular squats in low position.
  • This position will be converted into vertical heap as high as possible before returning to lower squat position.
  • You should perform this same process again as quick as possible to maximize your power.

Depth jump:

  • This is one of the best among all the plyometrics exercises.
  • In this exercise, you have to perform higher jumps.
  • In this depth jump, you have to find a box which has 12 inches high.
  • Now you have to drop off the box and rebound the jump as high as possible by bending your knees.
  • By doing this types of jumps, you will be converting the stored energy into the drops of sweat.
  • You can jump as higher as possible with more power than conventional starting jump.
  • This is one type of efficient exercise which will increase the power of jumping.
  • The people who are practicing basket ball will certainly perform this depth jump.

Jumping rope:

  • Jumping rope is the simple but effective plyometric workout.
  • You don’t need much equipment to begin jump training.
  • You just need a rope to perform this plyometrics.
  • You should make note that the rope should be up to your chest height when you stand on it with one foot.
  • You need a good pair of cross trainers to it.
  • And you should also find the soft surface to land on except cement floor.
  • You have to stay on the balls of your feet while jumping by allowing your legs to absorb the shock with knees slightly bent.

These are the different types of plyometric workouts that will be helpful to you in burning extra calories present in your body.