Reasons To Include Interval Training In Routine Workout Plan

Many people spend all their workout time involved in continuous training. While continuous training is effective and a substantial portion of regular workout sessions, you should also ensure that you included interval training.

Interval training alters the intensity of workouts (exercise intensity) over periods ranging from 1-5 minutes.

Interval training can help to propel you to the next fitness level, by increasing both the pace and power of your workouts.

Why you should include interval training?

There are many benefits of including interval training in your routine fitness plan. A few of these include:

  1. It adds variety to your fitness routine and incorporates aerobic and anaerobic conditioning systems.
  2. As there is less of a time factor involved in interval training, it is not difficult finding enough time to fit in exercise during a busy day schedule. You can also expand your exercise options according to your fitness requirements.
  3. Interval training can be done with almost any kind of training at any level. It also helps you to increase the speed of a routine workout and improves cardiovascular fitness.