Shape Up With Balance Exercises

Humans have a natural ability to balance. However, this capacity may be lost because of various situations. As you grow old, you normally start to lose your sense of balance because your bones are no longer as strong as before.

On the other hand, serious injuries and accidents can also weaken and disrupt the natural balance of a person. However, you can help improve your balance regardless of any circumstances as long as you perform regular balance exercises.

Balance exercises are primarily designed to equip the body to maintain balance.

Including balance exercises in your workout have many benefits. They can improve your posture and overall body coordination.

According to scientists, balance exercises can even help prevent injuries. Moreover, it plays an important role in helping patients suffering from lower limb injury. Performing these balance exercises daily from 10-15 minutes or longer can help improve your joint position awareness as well.

Balance exercises you can try

1. One Legged Stance

Stand on one foot. Make sure to have the right posture. Hold the position for a minimum of 30 seconds. This kind of balance exercise will have you wobbling at first.

As such, it is best recommended that you do this in an area where you can avoid bumping into your furniture. To make it more effective, you can try to increase the length of holding the position after a while.

2. Exercise ball

Some of the best balance exercises are performed using an exercise ball. You can do this by lying on the ball and making an overhead shoulder press. You may find it a little tricky at first since the ball has the tendency to roll. However, you can perfect it after you are able to hold the position without moving the ball.

3. Single leg balance reach

Stand with your feet apart. Place your hands on both sides of your hips. Draw in your belly then lift up one leg. Put it above the balancing leg and squeeze in your buttocks.

Now, let your lifted foot reach the front and hold it there for around two seconds. Do the same procedure with your left foot. This balance exercise would definitely make it harder for you to stand. Be patient and you will eventually find yourself performing it without any problem.

4. Counter top

This is one of the easiest and most practical balance exercises. It is perfect for beginners who are still starting doing balance exercises. Stand up behind a sturdy counter top then hold on to its edge. Next, raise one foot off the ground.

Hold the raised leg for at least 10 seconds. Do the same procedure with the other leg. Repeat this method five times on each leg.

5. Wobble board balance exercises

This is a fun way to improve your balance. Stand on both feet on a wobble board. Make sure that the rim does not touch the ground. You can also try making circles clockwise and then counterclockwise. For a trickier exercise, close your eyes and stand on one leg on the wobble board.

6. Duradisc balance exercises

Stand on a duradisc with your eyes closed and maintain your balance so you don’t fall. You can also stand on your right leg with your eyes closed or open. Hold the position for ten seconds or longer, then do it with your other leg.

7. Multidirectional balance exercises

Draw a square on the floor. Hop in different directions from one side of the square to the next. Pause for a few seconds after you have landed then hop on to the next point. Improve your balance by making a bigger square or by hopping on one leg.