Short Term Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises don’t only help one to feel much fitter and physically well but have several other benefits and positive points as well. Apart from some of the long term benefits, there are several short term benefits of aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are of many types and each has its own positive effect. Some help in training muscles and lungs while some may help in better functioning of the heart. To know more about some of these plus points of aerobic workouts, you can read the following given information:


Heart strengthening

Several studies have shown that physical exercises help in the better functioning of the heart and strengthens it as well. Doing aerobic exercises can make one’s heart pump more blood with each beat and eventually increases the size of the heart chambers. What these improvements do is that they keep the heart rate lower and that makes a heart healthy as well as young.

Brain boost

When you exercise, you provide your brain with the food it requires to remember, learn, reason and adapt to new situations and surroundings. This may be a short term positive of aerobic workout but does seem very effective.

Fat burning

Doing aerobic exercises helps our body to increase the ability to use fat for energy. Thus performing regular exercise may help one’s body to burn fat effectively.

Mood lift and endorphin high

Doing physical workouts helps in the reduction of both short term and long term stress levels and this results in a mood lift. Aerobic exercises also help us in fighting depression, reduction in anxiety levels, increasing the general well being and also improves coping mechanisms. Exercising also results in an increase in beta endorphin in the body immediately after the training session. This in turn causes an increase in the endorphin level which reduces the risk of depression and gives a mood uplift.

Incremental change to health

If a person is involved in regular aerobic exercising, then he/she is moving closer to the long term benefits and these may include a lesser chance to suffer from a chronic disease, a heart disease, colon, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity and other such problems. Most of these disease are avoided because exercising helps us to increase our reaction and response to insulin and thus helps to control the blood sugar level.

There are several other similar short term advantages of doing aerobic exercises and physical work.