Simple Posture Exercises To Improve Your Posture

Are you having some problems with your back, does it ache during the night while you are asleep?

Well if it does there might be a few things that you are doing that are causing it to ache, one of them being how you sit.

It may also be due to the fact that you stand for very long periods of time.

Well do not worry at all, for there are some posture exercise routines that help improve your posture so that you can reduce problems such as back aches.

Simple posture exercises

1. One simple exercise of improving your body posture is by sitting on the edge of a chair whilst your back is placed upright. While still sitting on the chair you hold a ball with your knees.

Once in this position, you should begin to squeeze on the ball with your knees lifting your head up and swinging your hands by your shoulders to your back till they meet each other at your back.

Once your hands meet each other you have completed one cycle of the exercise, so you can stop squeezing the ball and you start all over again. Repeating the cycles for at least 20 times will give you good results.

2. Another exercise that you can use to improve your posture will be to hold the rails of a staircase while on the edge of a step. Whilst holding the rail you should lean backwards making sure that your head is upright. Keep doing so until you can feel your back thigh muscles pull.

Once you begin to feel your back thigh muscles, you should stay in that position for at least 30 seconds while making sure that your head stays in an upright position.

You can repeat the cycles as you go up each step till you complete the stairs. This is a very good posture exercise and has many benefits as it not only improves your posture but it also improves your blood circulation in general.

3. Another exercise that will improve your posture will be one that makes use of a big ball that looks like a big balloon (ball exercises). Using the ball you should sit on it, and position your back to be straight, your head upright and your hands lifted up pointing in forward direction.

You then slowly lift your legs till you feel your muscles by your stomach pull. You should stay in this position for 10 seconds and you then put your legs down to start all over again. All these posture exercises will help improve your posture and help cure your nagging back problems.