Shaping Men’s Breast in 3 Simple Steps

In today’s era, both men and women have equally become conscious about their body and looks; any embarrassing or undesirable body issue can and should be treated with immediate attention. Some men develop fatty deposits in the chest region that looks like sagging breasts and are commonly known as man breasts, or “moobs.” This condition is mainly caused due to excessive estrogen levels, and the disorder is known as gynecomastia.

yoga for breast reduction


While in some this condition is purely due to obesity and develops due to a sedentary lifestyle. In either of the cases, weight loss does give a treating option. In order to treat this problem, a healthy lifestyle comprising of healthy diet and daily exercise routine will surely prove to be a great help. Though it may take time but exercise will surely give good results. Below given are the top 3 effective ways to shape a men’s breast.

1. Yoga

Yoga is one of the most trusted ways of reducing men’s breast. All the poses of Yoga that bring about a stress on the neck and shoulder line, like for instance pull back the shoulders behind will help in reducing the breast size. Moreover, all the poses that aim to burn calories will also aid in breast size reduction.

Some of the effective Yoga asanas to reduce breast size are Ardha Chakrasana, Tadasana  (Palm Tree Pose), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), and Padangusthasana (Toe to Hand Pose). Moves that involve your feet rising up in an outstretched position with the arms by your side will also help in breast size reduction. The head’s placement to the knee position and stretching exercises while sitting or standing is also helpful.

2. Start Gymming and Exercising

Get your footsteps in the gym.  Use your 10 mins in the gym on rowing machines and cardio for 20 mins. Go for swimming as it cuts fat from your body. Do chest press, bench press, incline rows etc. Push ups are mandatory and do it every day. Jogging in the morning is advisable as it helps to reduce the chest fat quickly. Regular walking can also do the work.

3. Stop Slouching and maintain your Posture

There are many men who slouch their shoulders which makes their boobs even more embarrassing. When you sit for a longer time at your office in front of the computer or desk, it results in slouching and your hip muscles tighten and your belly looks bigger. So when you sit or walk, try not letting your shoulders fall and keep your back straight.

Posture is very important in this. There are also exercises which help your shoulders to be straight, follow them and slightly and slowly you’ll get your results. Though these are not really exercises but a conscious effort to keep the body structure perfect.

Since the problem of men’s breast do not develop overnight so you have to be patient while trying to treat it. Give some time and follow a healthy exercise routine and will surely get good results.

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