Strength Training Workouts For Women

Have you ever wondered why women are getting the hang of strength training workouts? What was once thought of as a pure man’s world has made women drooling all over. Perhaps it’s the benefits that these workouts have that are making it more popular each day.

Probably, on the other side of it, just simply getting into this kind of workout is a fad in itself. Here are some things you should know about this kind of workout. Find out what good will it brings you.


strength training workoutsJust as men wanted to gain more strength and energy, so do women. That is where strength training for women enter the picture.

It refers to a set of exercises wherein the muscles are required to exert a force against a form of resistance.

The best example of strength training workouts is free weights. This kind of workout regimen is recommended to be done at least 2 -3 times a week for more noticeable results.


Why strength training workouts are gaining popularity? There’s more to it than just a fad. Primarily, they are the quickest way to an improved muscle strength and endurance.

Having those, it allows one to perform daily tasks with fewer efforts and for much longer periods. Women who lead a sedentary lifestyle fail to make use of their muscle tissues. As a result, they become less efficient.

In strength training exercises, you force the muscles to work on a regular basis. This significantly improves the muscles capacity to do work. It can also improve better blood circulation, bodily coordination, balance and strength in the bones and ligaments.


For strength training workouts to be more effective, proper body alignment must be observed. This means that when you are standing, feet should be shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Start by using the 4 count system with a pause at the beginning of the lift and then return to the starting position.

In every form of strength training workouts, proper breathing techniques must be observed at all times. Inhale at the beginning of every lift and exhale in every release. Control your movement.

Sitting or standing is an acceptable position in strength training. What you should consider is the weight of the resistance. Anything that you find heavy and cannot be lifted at least eight repetitions per set must not be used as it can be dangerous to your skeletal and joint structures.

Take things slow. Start with 8 to 12 repetitions per set. As you progress, increase the number of repetitions and of the free weights thereafter. Each workout must have at least two sets of six different exercises so that all major muscle groups are included in the training session.

Cardinal rule number one in bodybuilding is not to over train. Many people commit this mistake. It is always a no-no because your body can only take that much. Stop thinking about going to the gym everyday and extend long hours in doing your routine exercises because it will never do you good. As always, everything is all about patience and perseverance even in bodybuilding.