Study Shows Taking Breaks Between Reps Increases Strength

A recent study by the Kennesaw State and the University of Nebraska proved that short breaks between repetitions in resistance-training programmes improve strength.

In general when you are working out, training instructors will tell you to try and limit your breaks between sets of exercises.

This kind of work out plan will decrease your exercising time and will prevent your heart rate from slowing down, thus strengthening and improving your heart condition.

However the study carried out by analysts showed that short breaks can even improve your strength.

The research followed men who had never trained before and went on a resistance training programme, which lasted for ten weeks. These men were divided into two groups; the first took 60 second breaks, while the second, 150 second breaks.

At the end of the first week the first group had an increase of 70 percent in levels of post-workout testosterone, while after ten weeks both groups had the same increase in strength.

If you are unsure whether to choose form weight or cardio training then consider what your aim is. If you are more interested in losing weight, then cardio training is the best choice, for cardio training will focus on the burning of calories and you will continue to do so even during your weight training session of the workout programme. Calories will also continue burning after the end of your workout.

If your aim is a stronger bone structure then you should opt for resistance training, for running is more beneficial for your bones than weight training.

It is also true that only the bones in the part of the body that you are exercising will be strengthened, thus the importance of a complete body exercise.