Target Your Upper Legs, Abs and Lats with Triangle Stretch

Triangle stretch consists of three steps, hold each position for 15 seconds, alternate between legs and repeat the procedure.

Step 1:

Lunge out:

Move the left leg forward so that you will be in lunge position. Keep your right leg straight and completely extended. Keep your left shin vertical to the top of your foot and your back foot at 90 degrees to your front foot.Lunge out

Spin around your torso to the left and forward by placing your left elbow on your bent left knee and your right hand on your right hip. This will open up your torso and you should feel the stretch in your inner thighs [Inner thigh exercises], abdominals [Abdominal exercises] and obliques.

Step 2:

Reach up:

Moving into the similar pose as step 1, place a yoga block straight and aligned with the back of your left heel. Move your left hand on the block by locking your elbow to provide a stable platform on which to rest your weight.

Reach up

Fully stretch your right arm overhead by keeping it as close to your face as possible. Try to keep the top arm, pelvis and back leg assembled in a single plane. You should experience the stretch all up your right-hand side through your lats and obliques.

Step 3:

Reach further:Reach further

From this position, remove the yoga block and try to extend your left hand to the floor.

The tendency is to collapse on to your front arm and leg, so focus on shifting the thrust of your pelvis into your back leg as you move towards the natural curve of your spine. This move requires a great deal, more flexibility, so be careful.