The Most Useless Exercises To Waste Time And Effort With – Part 1

There are some exercises that are just a waste of your time and effort. They do not give your muscles and effective work out and at worst may actually increase the risk of injury.

So if any of these are part of your fitness routine, do yourself a favor, and cut them out:

The Lat Pull down behind the head: The lat pull down should be done while keeping the spine straight and when you do it behind the head, your head is likely leaning forward, unless you have unusually flexible shoulder joints.

This exercise increases the risk of several injuries such as a shoulder impingement, a rotor cuff tear or even injury to the cervical vertebrae.legg press

Instead you should be pulling the lat bar down in front of your body up to the breast bone. Contracting your abs at the same time as doing this exercise makes for good form.

The Military Press behind the head: Similar to the lat pull down done behind the head, any weights or barbells that you pump up and down behind your head is an invitation to injury so avoid this shoulder move.

What is safer is to perform this exercise in front of the head and if doing it seated, make sure you sit straight even if using back support, letting your back assume its natural curve.

The Upright Row: When you are doing weights that you pull up under and towards the chin, what is sometimes called the upright row, this is not at all advisable. This is going to be a fairly awkward looking exercise as well.

What this move does is, it impinges on the shoulder thereby compressing the nerves in the shoulder area. Rather than using a barbell to do the upright row, use dumbbells to work your arms inward and outward to the sides or to the front of the body.

The Prone leg press with the knees bending too much: The leg press is an effective lower body work out that will exercise your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, which involves pushing the plate back and forth with your feet placed flat on it.

It is however important for there not to be too big a range of motion here. If you bending your knees back too much this is bad for your knees as well as your back. Rule of thumb here is, don’t bend any more than 90 degrees as the knee.