5 Risks of Wearing High Heels- Harmful Effects on Body

High heels are a symbol of sophisticated women, it is a must have fashion accessory for many women. They just love wearing stilettos in parties and special occasions; they feel the party ensemble is incomplete without their favorite high heels. But, many women are not aware of the health risk of wearing high heels. Here are the 5 health risks of wearing high heels.

Health Effects of Wearing High Heels

High heels are the main reason for various feet, ankle and many health conditions. Below are the risks which affect different body parts.

5 Risks of Wearing High Heels- Harmful Effects on Body

  1. Back Pain
    High heels are the gold standard and ultimate fashion statement for many women across the globe. The high heels do not give complete support to your feet. Wearing high heels causes lumbar spine flattening, posture displacement and thoracic spine. Because of high heels, your body lean forward and causes an unequal distribution of weight. Poor alignment or unequal distribution may lead to back pain and muscle pain.
  2. Knee and Hip Pain
    Wearing high heels will put too much pressure on your knees and as well as hip joints. Prolonged use of high heels can lead to tapped nerves, factures, osteoarthritis, etc. The body weight can put pressure on the knees; the pressure depends on the height of the heels that you are wearing. As the heel height increases, the pressure increases on the forefoot and this leads to many problems.
  3. Ingrown toenails
    Each high heels are in different styles and shapes, like almond shaped, pointed, they compress the toe together causing a big toe nail that grown inside the skin. This may lead to many bacterial and fungal infections.
  4. Increases Risk of OA
    Number of studies have proved that wearing high heels more than 3-4 inches or more than that can increase the lifetime risk of developing OA (osteoarthritis). In some cases it can also lead to cause of disability in many women. Not only high heels wearing high shoes can have a major impact on your risk.
  5. Muscle Pain and Spasms
    Prolonged usage of high heels can cause muscle pain and spasms, according to many studies. Usually women experience painful leg cramps, constrict the blood flow after wearing the high heels or high shoes. High heels make the feet appear thinner and longer. The shape of the footwear squeezes the foot than the normal footwear and results in discomfort and pain. It will put lot of stress on to your leg muscles and lead to constricted blood flow.

Best Solution for High Heels

Now, you know all about wearing high heels and its impact on your body. But, if you still want to wear high heels, then here are some recommendations that can drastically lower the negative effects of wearing high shoe or high heels.

  • Avoid wearing heels for long period of time
  • Try not to use more than 2 inches of heel height
  • Stretch leg muscles before and after wearing the footwear
  • Do not use pointed toe
  • Choose shoes with leather insoles to keep foot from slipping

High heels sandals are the gold standard women’s footwear for everything. Though they’re definitely stylish, but now you know how they damage our body. So, try to avoid as much as possible.

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