7 Essential Gym Etiquette Rules

Like anywhere, gyms have unspoken codes of etiquette that everyone has to follow.

At dinner, you’re supposed to chew with your mouth closed. When communicating on the web, you are not supposed to use ALL CAPS.

Many of these rules are arbitrary and designed to avoid annoying those who work alongside you at the gym. But many of the rules of etiquette in the gym actually make sense.

They can prevent injury, the spread of diseases and they make the exercise equipment more available to everyone.

Rule 1: Sanitize

Since you’re going to sweat, make sure that you wipe all equipment with a rag and disinfectant.

Not only is sweat gross, but leaving sweat on exercise equipment can create a ripe place for growing bacteria. In order to prevent the outbreak of the next plague, please clean up.

Rule 2: Do not hog the equipment

If you’re a marathon runner, you probably owe it to yourself and everyone else at the gym to buy your own treadmill.

Sure, running is a fantastic fat burner, but there are plenty of other exercises that work just as well. Plus, if you engage in regular interval training, you’re less likely to hit a plateau and more likely to see the results you want.

Rule 3: Break down the weights

Once you are done using exercise equipment, remove all of the weights and place them where they belong. Remember that some individuals might not be able to lift as much as you.

Rule 4: Let others use your weights during resting periods

While you recuperate, let others take a shot at the bench press. In fact, two or three people can all share a dumbbell between themselves.

The repetitions in a weight training program are shorter than the rest time. Why waste everyone else’s precious time when they’re paying the same gym membership fee.

Rule 5: Do not drop the weights unless necessary

Three really bad things can happen if you drop the weights unnecessarily. One, you can damage both the weights and the floor. Two, you can accidentally injure other gym members. Three, you can really annoy the gym owners.

Rule 6: Treat others like you would like to be treated

Do not blabber on and on to others. Not everyone likes to be conversational while working out. Do not give advice to anyone unless they ask for it.

They might know more than you and will feel offended. Avoid staring at people regardless of if you find them attractive or feel envious of their progress.

But do be sure to help anyone who needs it. If you see someone struggling with weights, hurry up and help them. You’d want the same if you were in trouble.

Rule 7: Go to the gym like you’re on a date

Be sure to dress appropriately and smell nice. Avoid swearing, smoking and profanity. Keep your cell phone turned off at all times.

Even if these behaviors don’t get you thrown out, you will avoid unnecessarily confrontations with the guy who can lift ten of you over his head.