Aero Pilates: Home Gym Machines For Whole Body Workouts

This may sound like some new form of aerial Pilates, but in fact, the Aero Pilates range of products are not related to the Pilates exercise program.

However, the manufacturer claims that their machines will complement Pilates-type exercises.

Aero Pilates are exercise machines, manufactured by Stamina, who also make other exercise equipment.

They are marketed as a full body workout machine at the upper end of the price scale. The Aero Pilates machines looks a little like a conventional rowing machine, but will exercise the arm muscles and the abdomen as well as the leg pilates

Advocates of the Aero Pilates range believe they give one of the most intense workouts available from any home exercise machine on the market today.

By using your body’s own weight to create the resistance that is required for strength training routine, they effectively combine strength training with cardio exercise. This is great news for those of us who are short on time for working out.

The Aero Pilates range includes the XP 556 Pro Reformer, with 4 heavy duty cords that give you 4 levels of resistance; and its replacement, the XP 557 Pro Reformer.

These two machines give you more than 100 different workouts and let you choose which part of the body you want to work on. The workouts are all low-impact, which reduces the stress on your joints.

The biggest machine is the Stamina XP 686 Aero Pilates Pro Reformer. This one has a wooden frame and a smoother action. It has 5 resistance levels and multiple workout programs.

This heavy duty machine is suitable for people who weigh up to 300 pounds, so there is no excuse for anyone not to use an Aero Pilates machine for getting fit.

The XP 686 gives you the same full body workout as the other models, helping you increase your muscle strength, cardio fitness and flexibility.

There are quite a few reviews for the Aero Pilates machines available online. Some of these rave about how wonderful the machines are, how easy they are to use and the great results you can expect. These reviews seem to have prompted many people to order one for themselves.

Consumer Reviews

There are also many reviews from people who have already bought a machine; these seem to fall into 2 main groups – those who think their machine is fantastic and those who think they wasted their money.

Those who love their Aero Pilates machine, say how easy the machine is to use and how much they enjoy exercising with it. Those who think they wasted their money have numerous complaints, but they are all similar.

These people complain about how difficult the machine was to assemble; how hard it is to use; that the machine actually broke when first used; the cost of the machine and the cost to return the machine to the supplier/manufacturer.

There are lots of reasonably-priced home gym machines on the market today, so it is a shame that Stamina have priced these Aero Pilates machines so high.

If you are considering buying one, try to find someone who has one already and try it out before parting with your cash. Read all the online reviews before you decide whether these machines are your best right choice for getting fit.