Cardio Equipment – Options to Choose from

The importance of cardiovascular training for good health and wellbeing cannot be stressed enough, and the right kind of cardio equipment can ensure that you are doing all that you can to look after your cardiovascular health. Cardio equipment helps exercise and condition the cardiovascular system consisting of the heart, the lungs and the entire blood circulation system.

cardio equipmentHere are some cardio equipment options, some popular choices and some lesser known ones for cardiovascular conditioning –

Trampolines and Rebounders – It may look like kiddie fun time, but trampolines and rebounders can really act as cardio equipment because they can give you an effective workout.

They can be fun, and help to improve energy levels and even one’s mood. Since they come in different shapes (square, rectangular, round, indoor and outdoor) and sizes (ranging from the small foldable variety to the large family size varieties) one can pick the sort that works.

Another benefit is that these are low impact workouts that don’t jar or cause damage and may be suitable even for older people or people who may be advised against using certain kinds of high impact cardio equipment.

The Exercise Ball – If you haven’t used an exercise ball you may perhaps be unaware of its versatility and how it can be effective cardio equipment. The exercise ball or the balance ball can help build endurance, strength, and stability. You can use a traditional spherical exercise ball or you can use the other kind which looks rather like an exercise ball cut in half.

You can use it in two ways – the flat platform side down can help you do cardio exercise, as a stepper and to build core strength. If you use this cardio equipment dome side down, with the platform up, you can do upper body exercises, planks, pushups and so on.

The motorized exercise cycle – This is a variation on the usual stationary cycle concept, only this one is motorized, rather like a motorized treadmill. This can be effective cardio equipment even for those who have limited strength either due to advanced age or because of a health condition or currently impaired mobility.

Known as the Theracycle or similar other names, it helps people do passive or voluntary cycling while sitting in your own chair. This motor powered cardio equipment improves cardiovascular fitness without stressing joints, and is computer monitored.

The Aerobic Step – This cardio equipment can be used not just for step aerobics but also for other low impact body workouts, such as a weight bench and so on. Many of these products have adjustable height to increase their flexibility and versatility.

The Exercise Bike, Treadmill, Rowing Machine and Elliptical trainer – These items of cardio equipment are the most popular choices – the treadmill helps you walk, jog and run anytime of the day and night in the privacy of your home without having to battle the elements outdoors.

Similarly the exercise cycle can be used any time, even as you watch TV. A rowing machine is effective cardio equipment; however this gives only your upper body a workout. An elliptical trainer gives you a more comprehensive whole body workout.