Cardio Exercise Equipment For Healthy Heart

As heart is the important part of our body, you have to take care of the heart to avoid complications that may cause in your life.

Cardio vascular exercise has many health benefits such as strengthening your heart and lungs.

Here is a list of cardio exercise equipment that can help you for cardiovascular training.

Treadmill: Treadmill is cardio exercise equipment used fro running and walking.

You can the speed on the treadmill so that you can workout with same pace everyday. You can incline it to suite your cardiovascular goals.

Treadmill benefits: It helps in toning your body muscles, helps in losing weight and you can work on a rainy day also if you have treadmill at home. You can also workout on hot summer without going out. You can increase or decrease the intensity of workout depending up on the health condition.cardio exercise equipment

Resistance training: Resistance training is cardio exercise equipment which increases the muscle strength. There are different forms of resistance training.

Some of them are free weights, weight machines and resistance bands. Free weights or dumbbells can be used to target every muscle in the body.

Weight machines have adjustable seats with handles attached to either weight. Resistance bands are portable and have elastic property. The bands provide continuous resistance throughout a movement.

Resistance training benefits: It reduces body fat, increases your bone strength and density, increases your muscle strength and power, improves stability and balance, and increases your metabolism. It improves your posture, coordination and flexibility to maintain healthy body and soul.

Balance board: Balance board is cardio exercise equipment which is shaped like skating board. It does not move around, but you have stand on top of it. It consists of a bulging rubber at the center of the board to cause equilibrium. It is used to treat injured ankles and knees and is recommended and used by many physical therapists.

Balance board benefits: It improves balance, coordination, strength and quality of life.

Heart rate monitor: Heart rate monitor is cardio exercise equipment which detects the precise beats per minute when you are sweating it out to burn calories. It records your heart rate and gives instant feedback about the level of your heart.

Heart rate monitors are used to for tracking and developing your progress on the path to increase aerobic stamina. It consists of a chest belt which detects your heart rate and transmits to a receiver on your wrist which looks like a watch.

Heart rate monitor benefits: You can train yourself with own pace, monitor your progress and performance, directly measure the heart rate during exercise and maximizes the benefits of exercise in limited amount of time.

Hand strength: Hand strength is cardio exercise equipment used to enhance the mobility of the wrist, strength and toning muscles. It increases the movement of neuromuscular training.

Hand strength benefits: It increases your muscle strength. It helps in avoiding bone and joint injuries. It also helps people who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome as it will regulate the stress in the impaired nerve.