Fitness Gear – Not Cheap But Not Expensive Either

There is a huge variety of fitness gear from boxing gloves to resistance bands, but many people are unsure how to use them and how they help with fitness. Here’s a breakdown of some of the more commonly used fitness gear.

Boxing gloves are exactly what they are called. They are gloves for boxing and are used typically when either sparring with a partner or using equipment such as a punching bag.

They do have punching bags in gyms, but one can also be bought and used at home.resistance bands

They help strengthen and shape the muscles in the arms, but they also help the entire body as you are using your body to throw punches.

Everlast is a very good brand and has gloves priced $30 and higher. Also make sure to choose gloves that are secure, padded, and comfortable.

Resistance bands offer constant tension in a workout, which makes them a bit more difficult, but at the same time more beneficial because the body must be stabilized so it improves balance and coordination.

There are many exercises that can be done with them as well, such as bicep curls and stomach crunches. They are also easy to transport as they do not take up a lot of room. The prices range from $6 dollars and up, and are extremely versatile as they can be used for floor workouts as well as standing.

Exercise balls are another beneficial piece of equipment in a few ways. If sitting on it for workouts it requires an individual to maintain their balance; thereby, improving the individual’s balance.

They are also useful for stomach crunches because, since there is not a flat surface, it allows for a fuller range of movement. This improves the results of each stomach crunch. These can also be used at home and some gyms carry them as well. Prices range from around $13 and up.

An exercise step is somewhat similar to the others because it helps improve balance. There are various sizes, from one inch off the ground to several inches off the ground.

How high the step is matters because the higher the step, the more intense the workout. They can be used to work out the legs and tighten the buttocks. A step can be bought and used at home, but some gyms also have steps.

Steps start at about $20 and can go a lot higher, but make sure to pick one that is secure as you don’t want to slip and fall.

These are only a few of the kinds of fitness gear out there. Make sure to research any brand before buying one and follow instructions to avoid injury.