Home Fitness Equipment – Top Ten Items To Choose From

There is a strong argument in favor of investing in home fitness equipment – you can work out at your own time, whenever you find the time, you can do so in the privacy of your own home, and there is no recurring gym membership fee to have to pay periodically.

However with the plethora of items available out there, it is difficult to pick what to buy when it comes to home fitness equipment and a choice should be made based on budget, space available in the home, as well as personal interest and fitness levels.

treadmillSome of the most popular home fitness equipment items available are:

  1. The treadmill: Walking is such excellent exercise; it can be done by anyone, is low impact, needs no skill or training and is always beneficial so a treadmill is the most popular choice in home fitness equipment. And if you want to notch it up a bit as fitness increases, you could start jogging and even running on it.
  2. The Stationary cycle: Cycling is another excellent exercise option that gives you a great cardio workout. You can set the resistance and difficultly level as per fitness levels.
  3. Step machine: This is a low impact lower body workout that can work very well.
  4. The recumbent cycle: This is beneficial especially for those who want to minimize stress on the lower back and knee joints. Unlike the regular stationary bike, the position of the pedals is different and back support is built in.
  5. The Multi Gym – overall home fitness equipment: We all know how great resistance training is, for fat loss, building lean muscle and keeping bones and joints healthy. A multi gym offers several weight options that will help you work out all the major muscle groups of the body.
  6. Free Weights: These can be economical, and require little space in the home. Also the offer a wider range of movement. However they are recommended for those who have some experience in fitness as they are more likely to cause injury.
  7. Elliptical trainers: many people find that treadmills, stair machines and exer-cycles don’t work out the upper body, and find that an elliptical trainer offers a more balanced workout.
  8. Rowing machine: this home fitness equipment item is excellent for those who want a whole body workout. However a proper technique is vital to follow, if injury or back strain is to be avoided.
  9. The balance Ball: This is very good to improve balance and core fitness and can also help to improve flexibility and help tone muscles. Many exercise balls come as a set along with certain other items like resistance bands, hand pumps, and instruction manuals.
  10. The Jump rope: The skipping rope or the jump rope has to be the most inexpensive and yet the most effective of home fitness equipments. It costs next to nothing, requires no storage space, and yet will give you the kind of intense work out that will have you huffing and puffing in no time.