How To Choose The Best Upright Exercise Bike?

Biking is an excellent form of exercise. It is practical, easy, and enjoyable. It also offers many health benefits especially in helping you lose weight.

However, due to our busy lifestyle and work schedule, we can no longer squeeze in biking in our daily routine.

In order to benefit from this exercise, your best option is to buy your own upright exercise bike.

The upright exercise bike is an exercise machine that resembles a stationery bike. It is equipped with pedals where you can place your feet and handle bars for your hands.

The best thing about an upright exercise bike is that you can cycle in a standing position or in a racing position. It all depends on how challenging you want your routine to be.

It is also convenient since you can set it up in your room or living room. With your own upright exercise bike, you can exercise at the comfort of your own place anytime you want.

An upright exercise bike has features that you can enjoy. Aside from the pedals and handle bars, it also has a bike seat that does not have recline functions, though the height is adjustable.

Moreover, it may also have displays for time, distance and speed. You can even monitor the calories you have burned using your upright exercise bike.

What make the upright exercise bike stand out from other exercise machines are its many health benefits. It can help improve your posture and balance. It can also strengthen your heart, boost your stamina, and tone your leg muscles.

When buying an upright exercise bike, make sure that you check on the following:

Seat height adjustment

Get an upright exercise bike with adjustable seats. This way, it will be easier for you to find a comfortable position and let other members of the family use it too.

Seat comfort

One of the benefits of an upright exercise bike is to improve your posture. The first thing you should do before buying one is to try it out yourself. You have to make sure the seat is comfortable and made of strong materials.


Choose an upright exercise bike that has a wide range of reliable displays. Look for one with displays on time, distance, speed, resistance, intensity level, burned calories and heart and pulse rates. This way, you can easily monitor your progress.


Do not settle for what the most popular health store has to offer. An upright exercise bike varies in prices. You can canvass from one store to another and even search online for the best deals. Compare the prices first before buying so that you will have no regrets later on.


Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Buying an upright exercise bike is a good investment. Get your money’s worth by buying one that is of superior quality and sold at a reasonable price. There are shops that sell exercise machines on sale while others even sell second hand gym equipment.