PhysioRED Is The Future Of Fitness Training

Exercising has a new meaning with PhysioRED. With its infrared technology, exercising is more effective than ever with this machine.

To understand the infrared technology, simply looking at the body may be enough.

The body radiates an infrared light when it is heated, just like the sun does. Due to that, it is natural and 100% safe.

This machine helps the body to detoxify itself, helps to lose weight, tones muscles, makes the skin more beautiful and provides an overall wellness.physiored

It may sound interesting, because no other machine ever did that before: letting the muscles strengthen and improving the beauty of the body.

The machine burns 10x as many calories as a regular spinning action. This may count as an advantage.

Also a 40-minute session of regular spinning burns up to 500 calories, goes up to 2,400 calories with PhysioRED.

The machine relaxes abdominal muscles to breathe easily, takes away the low back stress and improves the muscles. In the same time, it entertains the user with DVD, CD and iPod compatible devices.

The infrared technology helps to penetrate the skin up to 2-3 inches, which is enough to reach the skin to tissue the muscles, fat cells and organs.

The disadvantage of this equipment is that it is approximately $34,900; which that includes shipment, training and various marketing materials.

Source :  PhysioRED