Portable Exercise Equipment To Tone Your Muscles Easily!

If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, portable exercise equipment is the best option for staying fit on road.

You can invest on this equipment for maintaining your body. Picking appropriate portable exercise equipment is a tricky business.

Here are some of the portable exercise equipments that you can choose.

The list of some portable exercise equipments are:

  • Mini exercise bike fitness equipment
  • Mini stair stepper by walkers’ warehousePortable Exercise Equipment
  • Health mark Portable stretch barre
  • Turbo Abs Abdominal fitness system
  • Korflex – Abdominal, Pilates, Yoga, Lower Body & Cardio

1. Mini exercise bike fitness equipment:

  • This portable exercise equipment is useful to tone the hand muscles which are present under your upper arms.
  • If you want little bit of exercise for your muscles, go for light workout; otherwise go for rigorous workout.
  • It consists of built-in computer with LCD screen which shows distance, scan, calories, time, reps and total reps.
  • The weight of this portable exercise equipment will be approximately 13 lbs.

2. Mini stair stepper by walkers’ warehouse:

  • You can shape up your body easily with this portable exercise equipment and it works great for the people of all ages.
  • It is more compatible to take it from one place to another place.
  • This exercise equipment features variable step height selector to obtain maximum versatility.
  • It will be a great investment for your home gym and you can use it anywhere you want such as your living room, bedroom, garage, etc.

3. Health mark Portable stretch barre:

  • Prefer this portable equipment if you like to perform strength exercises in order to make your muscles strong and fit.
  • This equipment consists of 5 inch circumference bar and the total length of this bar will be 60 inches.
  • You can adjust this bar at 6 different heights i.e. from 33 inches to 55 inches.
  • This portable exercise equipment consists of dual lock pop pins with internal safety bolts.

4. Turbo Abs Abdominal fitness system:

  • This portable exercise equipment provides high comfortable levels while performing the abdominal workouts.
  • It elevates your body and back off from the hard floor while performing the exercise.
  • This ergonomic crescent shaped equipment supports the curve which is present at your back.
  • The design of it is portable inflatable and it can be carried easily from one place to another place in travel bag.

5. Korflex – Abdominal, Pilates, Yoga, Lower Body & Cardio:

  • This portable exercise equipment consists of all the essential simple exercise equipments required for your body.
  • You can perform seven highly effective core exercises with these equipments.
  • A carry case will be given along with this equipment so that it will be easy for you to carry it from one place to another place.