Rowing Machine For Weight Loss

Rowing machine is an exercise equipment used for weight loss. It helps in burning calories, as it works on larger muscles of upper and lower body.

The rowing machine workout not only works on your back muscles but also stretches these muscles helping ease pain and discomfort.

rowing machineRowing machine occupies limited space; therefore it is good home exercise equipment. Rowing machine workout also tones all the thighs and buttocks and firm up the arms and all the back muscles together.

As it helps in burning calories, it requires less workout time. Treadmill provides cardiovascular endurance and leg muscles workout. It does not help your back and the rest of the muscle system.

To operate a rowing machine, sit on the seat with knees bent. Hold the handles in both the hands. Pull back with the arms and back while pushing your seat back by extending your legs.

When using a rowing machine, muscle groups in arms, back and leg are all involved.

You can work vigorously by adjusting the tension to make the pull harder. You can workout on rowing machine at gym or purchase own and workout at home.

But, before going you need to check for best gym equipment. Modern machines are foldable and can be stored under bed.

Some machines have digital displays which show amount of calories burned, heart rate and the distance traveled. The sliding of a rowing machine is easy on the joints, as rowing is done with a fluid movement. Keep your joints loose and unlocked and don’t extend yourself with each slide.

If you want to exercise the whole body, then rowing machine is a better exercise equipment which provides whole body workout occupying limited space.

Rowing machine workout is considered as an aerobic activity. It increases your heart rate and blood circulation and in turn strengthens your heart preventing serious heart diseases. it increases the health of your entire body.

Before purchasing rowing machine, you have to consider all the factors. You have to think about your fitness level. If you are going to purchase rowing machine, what fitness level you can achieve. You can enjoy the workout or you will get bored of this equipment? How much amount you can spend? How much space it takes and how much space is available at your home? What are the safety measures you have to take?

Benefits of rowing machine workout:

  1. Facility to use the equipment at home
  2. It is a good overall calorie burning machine
  3. This equipment is used to build fitness
  4. It is a good fat burning potential
  5. Low injury risks as there is less pressure to knees and ankles
  6. If it is a bad weather, it can be used at home
  7. Listen to music or watch television during a workout on the machine.
  8. People who are new to exercise can start working on this equipment
  9. Enables for speed workout
  10. Increases lung capacity
  11. Allows to monitor fitness levels

Few disadvantages with rowing machine workout are: some are noisy, it may become bored after few workouts and it may be expensive on budget. Any one can operate rowing machine with little training and stick to a schedule which keeps you fit and healthy.