The Rowing Exercise Machine For A Full Body Workout

The rowing exercise machine, or the rowing machine or the indoor rower is, as the name suggests, is a machine that simulates the rowing action and is a popular choice when it comes to home fitness equipment.

Sometimes rowers also refer to the rowing exercise machine as the Ergometer, which is also an instrument that is used for measuring the amount of energy expended by the muscles.

rowing exercise machineThe main plus points of the kind of workout that you get from a rowing exercise machine are that you get a full body work out that involves not just the upper as well as lower limbs but which also exercises the torso and the back. It is an efficient cardio exercise to help burn calories.

The kind of work out that you get from this exercise machine is as good as jogging. In fact it can be better because it is low impact and does not have the wear and tear on the knees and other joints the way that jogging and running can cause.

Though on the face of it, a rowing exercise machine is just another piece of exercise equipment; like any other, this actually requires some practice to master.

You would think that all that it requires to operate is to sit there, pull the handles and slide your body back and forth, but there is more to it. You have to understand the correct way to operate them and this requires a bit of skill to be developed.

A rowing exercise machine is not recommended for those who have back problems. Conversely this machine is sometimes prescribed as being therapeutic for those who have lower back or disc problems. Also if there are any circulatory problems one suffers from, then a doctor should be consulted prior to starting a program on this exercise machine.

Some tips for proper use of the rowing exercise machine:

  • Before starting, some basic stretches should be performed that gets the muscles warmed up and limber for starting the workout. In particular stretches that that target the lower back should be performed.
  • To follow the correct form, care must be taken not to lean back too far. Also be sure to move far enough forward to complete the entire action. Maintain proper form and range of movement when using a rowing exercise machine is important to prevent injury.
  • The main portions of the body that are supposed to be exercised are the limbs and not the back, so you shouldn’t be placing too much emphasis on that. Rather let your arms and legs to all the work.
  • The breathing thumb rule is that you should exhale while pulling and then inhale as you return to the starting position.
  • In order to breathe optimally, keep your head up and prevent your chin from sinking down on to your chest

If you are willing to make the extra effort to learn the correct way to operate this piece of equipment and do all that it takes to avoid injury, the rowing exercise machine can be excellent for your fitness goals.