Use Exercise Mat To Protect Yourself From Injuries And Bruises

Exercise mats are used in variety of ways. For different exercises, different exercise mats are used.

Depending on the exercise program, you should determine what type of exercise mat you need.

Exercise mats are made of plastic or rubber material. They come in different sizes and shapes and some of them can be folded and rolled up.

Different exercise mats:

Yoga exercise mats: The most important equipment to practice yoga is yoga exercise mat. You can perform yoga comfortably, protecting yourself from injuries and bruises while performing different asanas.Exercise Mat

You can get yoga exercise mats in different colors made of different materials. They are washable and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Many people prefer cotton exercise mat rather than synthetic one. For ashtanga yoga practice, cotton mats are ideal as they are soft and durable to support ashtanga yoga poses.

Cheap yoga mats are also available, but they do not allow you to perform all the postures comfortably. Beginners can go for cheap yoga mats as they will be learning and does not require heavy investment.

Long yoga mats are suitable for tall people. Tall people are prone to injuries with normal size mats. Extra thick exercise mats are comfortable as they provide extra cushion. They last long for many days. They provide support for hard yoga postures.

Natural exercise mats are suitable for nature loving people. These mats are environment friendly and biodegradable. Compared to standard yoga mats, sticky exercise mats provide firm grip.

Pilates exercise mats: Pilates and yoga exercise mats are similar, but Pilates mat need to be thicker than yoga mats. A good Pilates mat should be half inch thick and also firm. The mat should not be too soft as it will not support balance.

You can get roll up Pilates mats which offer many benefits. Once rolled up, they become portable. The mats are made up of dense foam or rubber. There are foldable Pilates mats, but are expensive than roll up mats. These mats are heavier and not easily portable.

Considerations when purchasing exercise mats:

The exercise mat should be purchased to avoid injuries to your joints and bones. When purchasing exercise mat, you have to see the size of the mat. If your mat is too small, you can slip off the mat during your workout and injure yourself.

As most exercise programs are conducted on hard surface, you can get hurt during exercise workout. Therefore, exercise mat is necessary during your workout.

There are expensive and non-expensive exercise mats available. It is not necessary to spend huge amount on exercise mat. You can get simple mat with proper thickness.

When you go for purchasing the mat, unfold and test it on the floor. The exercise mat should be comfortable for you, so buy a comfortable and best mat as it is your personal thing.