Weight Bench For Muscle Toning Can Be Used At Home Also!

As you know, exercise involves cardiovascular activities and muscle toning exercises.

If you don’t like to go to gym, you can go for cardiovascular activities as they can be done at home.

But, for muscle toning, you have to turn to weight bench which can be used at home.

Weight bench is used to tone upper arms, enhance the abdomen, and thighs. The weight bench is designed in such a way that you can sit or lie on it.

Weight bench consists of a pair of upright rack on one end which supports barbell and weights. You can keep your legs on either side of the bench and lift the barbell with the arms.Weight Bench

Most weight benches consist of neck rest and padded back which are meant to support free weights, dumbbells and weighted bars. Some of the benches have various attachments and racks that will allow doing thrusts and other workouts to work entire body.

Four types of weight benches:

Preacher curl: Your arms will be stable during the workout while your biceps will be toned up. This is a small weight bench which can be moved easily. It is commonly used with standard curl bars or Olympic bars. Therefore, this features make preacher curl preferable for home gyms.

Dumbbell weight bench: Here dumbbells are used instead of barbells. It comes in the form of a flat bench and does not have barbell rack.

Some weight benches in this type have adjustable upper half which allows different intensities and angles. You can also get additional components like preacher curl attachment and leg press.

Ab weight bench: Like curl ups, it can be used as a surface for abdominal workouts. Foot grips are included at one end. They can be adjusted to target different areas of the abdomen.

Olympic weight bench: These are considered as most popular weight benches. These benches support standard bigger bars. They can be found in gym as they are ideal for weight lifters.

Features of weight bench:

The common feature of weight bench is adjustability. It consists of adjustable attachments and supports so that you can adjust the height, weight and skill level according to your requirement.

Good quality weight bench contains a bar at the bottom to hook your legs across or under. It allows your leg muscles to exercise while toning your arms with free weights.

There are weight benches with several exercise options.  Those models allow you to move, lock bars and supports and provides a new position and new exercise each time you workout.

Benefits with weight bench:

  • With free weights, you can workout at home with less investment.
  • Weight bench helps in preventing injuries by making sure that you are in right position for each exercise.
  • There is no need of workout partner to hold the weights until you are ready.
  • Once you are accustomed to it, you can increase the weights or adjust the settings to move to the next level.
  • When you go to advanced stage, you can buy separate weight sets which can challenge your workout.