7 Amazing Health Benefits of Chinese Baoding Balls

Chinese Baoding balls also known as Chinese exercise balls or Chinese stress balls are the kinds of balls which can provide many health benefits when used during meditation or exercise.  These balls were first originated in Baoding, China and this is why they are named as Baoding balls.

These balls not only help to relieve stress from wrists and arms but also strengthen the forearms.  They are also often referred to as Chinese therapy balls since they are great relaxation tools which are easy to use, portable and provide harmony to the one using them.  The following is a list of the many health benefits of Chinese Baoding balls:

health benefits of chinese baoding balls

1. Stimulation of Central Nervous system

One of the greatest benefits of Chinese Baoding or therapy balls is that they help to stimulate and hence improve the function of the central nervous system.  When one places these balls in their hands, the balls tend to stimulate the fingertips which in turn establish a vibrating connection with the pressure points, hence stimulating the nervous system.

2. Improvement in Concentration

Another major benefit of using Chinese stress balls is that they help to boost concentration and improve the ability to focus.  These balls, when used during exercising can help to improve self control because one needs to concentrate well when handling these balls.

3. Reducing Fatigue

Many Chinese doctors prescribe Chinese Baoding balls to those who experience fatigue. What happens is that usage of these balls help to stimulate and activate the pressure points present in our hands which in turn leads to increasing of the flow of the internal energy, hence reducing fatigue and energizing an individual.

4. Stress Relief

One of the main reasons why people might make use of Baoding balls it to get relief from stress. These balls stimulate all the pressure points and even those which may be causing us physical or psychological stress.  It helps to reduce the stress in the muscles and the joints, thus making one feel physical and mentally relaxed.

5. Improved Sleep

Another amazing benefit of using Baoding balls is that they enable you to sleep much better and may help those who experience difficulties with sleeping.  This is usually the consequence of the stress relief and anxiety relief that these balls offer.

6. Improved Memory

As Baoding balls help to improve concentration, they also have a positive impact on our memory.  Using these balls regularly during meditation or exercises can help us polish our memory and remember things more clearly.

7. Other Benefits

There are many other health benefits of Baoding balls and one of them is that these balls also help to reduce high blood pressure. When used for a prolonged period of time, Chinese stress balls can relieve individual who have arthritis in their hands. Also, they help to improving the functioning of the brain and remove any kind of worries. Baoding balls also help with many other medical issues and are often recommended by Chinese doctors to their patients as a treatment method for common ailments.

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