Top 8 must have Fitness Gadgets

Fitness is one of the most heard words in today’s world and people from all genres, irrespective of age, gender and profession are looking for every possible means to remain fit and healthy. If you have not yet thought about this – this article will provide information on some of the fitness gadgets to aid your exercise regime. These gadgets can range from watch or arm band or sports headphone or a clip in pedometer. Read on to know about the gadgets that can be a perfect companion for your fitness routine.

1. Bodymedia Core2

bodymedia core2You can utilize it as a shiny arm strap to track your daily routine exercise activities, levels of heart rate, pattern in which you sleep and the total amount of calories that you have burnt through your work out. To get more comprehensive results on body fitness levels you can sync it with your computer.

2. Nike+ Fuelband

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This fitness gadget can be counted as most popular, trendy looking, light weighted and user friendly. Comprising with pedometer, it will help your to motivate in your daily routine through visualizing results of the amount of calorie which you have burnt.

3. Motorola MOTOACTV

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This fitness gadget acts both as fitness tracker and a music player. It has good space for storing all your music files and you can also use it to record speed, route, distance and the amount of calories which you have burnt. You can also stay connected to your trainer by sharing your fitness data with him/her.

4. Striv Pedometer

Striv Pedometer would be the appropriate choice for you if you wish to keep track of your work out sessions. It is small and portable and can thus be easily fixed in your belt or in pocket.

5. IPOD Nano

To fulfill both purposes that is recording your entire day fitness regime and to listen to the music, IPOD Nano would be the perfect choice. You can use this fitness gadget with other accessories like headphones, heart rate monitors or wrist band to get more accurate fitness results.

6. Bodymedia Adhesive Patch

Equipped with high sensor technology bodymedia adhesive patch would be able to monitor your entire workouts. This light weighted arm patch can record your total amount of calories burnt, heart rate levels, distance covered by you and other information as well.

7. Hapifork

It not only sounds interesting, it works also very innovatively comprised with high sensor technology to track your diet. Through vibration it will remind you about your eating speed if it crosses the recommended speed. Hence to live a healthy lifestyle besides exercising you need to take care of your diet as well and this gadget will aid you in the same.

8. UWaterG4

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Being a waterproof fitness gadget it will be best suitable for those who love to engage in outdoor activities like mountain climbing, cycling, running etc. Thus now you can keep track of your activities while swimming as well.
Thus the above given fitness gadgets will not only make your exercise routine interesting but will keep track of the same as well.