Know all about Shake Weight

As philosophers say, your body is a ‘Temple’, maintaining a fit body is vital as it is your “body” that handles the stress of your regular life and lets you live a healthy life by accurate functioning. One should infuse appropriate ways to keep fit and factors like diet, physical activity and lifestyle must be considered.

There are many fitness products in the market appealing the buyers and actually making them more fitness conscious. Fitness IQ in July 2009 invented an electrical device called “Shake Weight” that gained popularity and is believed to be the variant of the classic dumbbell.

know all about shake weight

What is Shake Weight?

The Shake Weight is a 2.5-pound plastic electrical device designed in the form of a dumbbell. Its usage is seen more amongst women who in comparison to men get less time for workouts. Through its dynamic inertia, the Shake Weight helps in toning the muscles of the arms. The product is easy to handle with comfortable grip and its effect shows the same result that you get after working out at a gym on regular basis. The product is quite portable and can be carried even if you are travelling.

What is the Function of Shake Weight?

The sole purpose of the “Shake Weight” is to tone the arms and the chest muscles. Most people are worried about the fat accumulated in the arms and chest areas. The Shake Weight is best used for fat reduction in these areas; additionally it also sculpts the arms and chest in shape as you need to work out on this with vigorous motion. Thus, anyone desiring a well toned body and not just fat reduction should try out the Shake Weight fitness product.

There are various pros and cons associated with Shake Weight and below given is the list of the same:

Merits of the Shake Weight

  • The Shake Weight is a highly affordable fitness product in the contemporary fitness market.
  • The product is so designed that anyone can use it well just following the instruction manual.
  • It helps to build up muscle mass and reduce unwanted fat.
  • It is portable and can be easily used in the residence, office, coffee shops, parks, on the couch while watching television or even when sitting idle.

Demerits of the Shake Weight

  • Unlike the normal dumbbells, the Shake Weight is created with a single weight. Hence people who want to adjust the equipment for workout with various weights will face difficulty. This disadvantage usually affects men who prefer using various weights for muscle building and fitness.
  • The effectiveness of shake weight has not been proved by any researches or clinical trials.
  • It does not have any impact on lower body part.

In conclusion, the Shake Weight fitness product is a recommended product for consumers who are willing to keep their body in shape, especially women. It should not be included as your main workout equipment but just an inclusion in your fitness regime.