Slant Boards: Uses and Benefits

At the basis of their evolution, a slant board would refer to any board which was long and broad enough to accommodate you and support your weight. You would then lie on it with one side of the board lifted up from the floor. While the use of the board has remained the same, the board itself has evolved and today it comes in many variations. Today slant boards come with padding and the option to hold impact-fully at different angles/ degrees.

But what exactly is the purpose of these boards? To elaborate on this point, a list of uses and benefits of slant board are mentioned below.

slant boards uses and benefits


Slant board is used in a variety of spheres in life, which are:

  • In exercising for fitness purposes.
  • For beautification purposes
  • For body-building/ core exercising
  • To boost the brain functioning.
  • To rid of certain medical conditions.


Mentioned above are the spheres where slant board is put into use, but the exact ways in which you can benefit from slant boarding is mentioned below:

  • When you lie down on the board and have it the leg side end of the board lifted off the floor, the flow of the blood reverses from its natural course. This is in opposition to the natural gravitational pull that your body normally follows (since the normal flow is from top to bottom). It results in giving your face and your whole body a lift; and makes you look younger and more rejuvenated.
  • Performing crunches on the slant board raised at an angle of 20-degree is beneficial for building abs/ attain the “six-pack” abdominals by many physique builders. It is found to be more effective than most other alternatives. Other exercises which are commonly performed on the slant board for similar body building reasons include- a crunch twist and the slant board sit up.
  • Lying upside down on the slant board (at, at least 18 degrees angle) for a certain period of time causes the organs in the lower abdomen to shift upwards to the diaphragm. This leads to the flattening of this region.
  • Also lying down on the board in the supine i.e. on the back facing the ceiling up, gives all muscles, connective tissues and the ligaments, which hold the abdomen up, an opportunity to release pressure and restore some health. This also helps in getting rid of some problems like varicose veins which develop in the legs and also hemorrhoids.
  • Regularly following a slant board regime also promotes the flow of blood to the brain. It eventually leads to strengthening as well as relaxing the brain.
  • It is advised that women practice slant board regimes/ techniques after giving birth. Lying on the board with the lower abdomen raised up guides the bladder and the uterus back to the place where it was before delivery. In addition to this more prominent benefit, a new mother can also benefit from an improved, more reiterating blood flow.

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