10 Reasons Why Aerobics Are Great For You

You think of Aerobics and the vision of 80s style psychedelic leotards, leg warmers, big hair and above all Jane Fonda will probably assail the mind.

In recent times, Aerobic training has received a lot of flak from trainers who want to stress on resistance and weight training ahead of aerobic training for weight loss. However, aerobics is really good for you and here are 10 reasons why:

1. Aerobics is any exercise that raises the heart rate and keeps it elevated for a time; not necessarily a class full of loud music and screaming instructors. You can do your own aerobic exercise just by jogging, swimming and cycling!
2. Your heart is made to work harder with aerobic exercise and this gives you better heart health. It also increases your lung function, and general cardiovascular health.
3. It can also help to curb other diseases like hypertension, and bad cholesterol.
4. With aerobic exercise there is improved blood circulation and oxygenation of all parts of the body.
5. Aerobics helps rid the body of toxins by way of sweat. This also helps keep the pores of the skin function better and many people find that their skin glows and appears better with an aerobic workout. Note how flushed and warm your skin appears after one.
6. An aerobic workout increases the body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which helps to burn calories even when the body is not in action.
7. Many who do aerobic workouts find that their appetite is suppressed post a workout so for them the aerobic exercise works dually, to burn calories and prevent intake of more food.
8. Strenuous aerobic activity not only tires you out , but it also relaxes your body and muscles, there by aiding better rest and sleep and also improving on conditions such as insomnia. It helps to release the happy hormone endorphin and for this reason it can also act as an antidepressant for many people.
9. Aerobic exercise also helps to improve and strengthen the immune system and therefore helps to keep a number of infections and infirmities at bay.
10. It is one of the best kinds of exercise for aiding weight loss and burning fat, when balanced with proper nutritional controls and can actually help you live a healthier, happier and longer life.