4 Tips for the Perfect Butt

That perfectly toned, firm, and compact rear end is something that most of us can only wish for – in reality, extra weight, subcutaneous fat, cellulite and so on can put paid to our aspirations in the butt department.

Many of us suffer from the problem of too much weight around the butt while others suffer from the flat butt syndrome; the good news however is that the tips below will help you get the best butt you can achieve-

1. Exercise

Tips for the Perfect ButtThe best thing that one can do for the muscles of the buttocks is to do lunges, bridges and squats.

Pushing the body up from the prone position using the legs and arms, and squeezing the butt muscles at the same time targets the muscles or the rear end, to tone and tighten.

Climbing stairs, particularly two at a time is also a very effective butt workout. Power Pilates and walking also help.

2. Reduce cellulite

While exercise is the most effective for reducing cellulite or fat just below the surface of the skin which gives that orange peel effect, skin creams and lotions are also thought to help.

Generic cellulite creams are perhaps as effective (or ineffective) as high end expensive ones, and some people find that they can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite can also be reduced by increasing water intake and reducing the intake of junk food to lower the amount of toxins in the skin.

3. Massage

Lymphatic massage is also known to help by increasing the flushing of toxins and reducing fluid retention.

4. Some artificial aids

Padded underwear can sometimes give a confidence boost to those who are deficient in the butt area. Also those who are rather over-generously proportioned in the rear area can find that darker colors, stretchy or compressive fabric, clever placement of trouser pockets and so on can help.