5 Easy Ways To Walk Yourself Thinner

  • Don’t take the elevator, take the stairs! Opting for the stairs over the elevator will burn calories you wouldn’t have burned before. Taking just one flight of stairs will burn 20 calories. Just think if you climb 5 flights you would work off the oatmeal you had for breakfast!
  • Get up and walk around the office for your breaks. Instead of going to the kitchen, primping in the bathroom or gossiping with co-workers and friends, walk around the office or better yet, walk around the block a few times!walking
  • Walk just 20 minutes a day. This is better than nothing at all. And if you can walk in the morning, this will jump start your body metabolism for the whole day and you will feel so much better about yourself! In fact, studies show that people who work out in the morning are more conscious about what they eat throughout the day. Double bonus!
  • Park at the back of the parking lot. When you go to the grocery store, movie theatre, church, wherever you go park at the back of the parking lot and walk that much further!
  • Walk around the block during commercials! Instead of flipping through the channels, get up and walk around the block!