5 Tips To Make Time For Exercise And Healthy Eating From Tosca Reno

Fitness model, columnist, and the author of the Eat-Clean Diet series of books, Tosca Reno offer these tips to make time for exercise and healthy eating

  1. Make yourself a top priority rather than the last priority. Consider the fact that if you are in good health and shape you are better able to do all the stuff that needs to get done on that seemingly endless to-do list.
  2. tosca renoUnderstand that play is as important as work in your life; so try and balance both. Be selfish with time, and while remembering not to neglect others, remember not to neglect yourself either.
  3. Be efficient and manage time well, whether it is work or other things. When it is work time, give it your all, but also make leisure time sacrosanct. When you are on vacation, commit to that fully. When it is time to read, exercise, dance, commit to that totally – turning off phones, computers and other distractions.
  4. Ask for help if you need to. After all, even superheroes have sidekicks, so it is OK to call upon family, friends, and colleagues for help – help to stay organized and in control.
    5. Plan ahead by motivating yourself, and equipping yourself with the tools that you need. Plan meals in advance, get up early in the morning to give yourself extra time – start afresh!