50-Year-Old More Active Than Someone Half Their Age, Study Says

According to a new study, average 50-year-old leads a fitter and healthier life than someone half their age.

The study says that people in their 50s are determined to get most out of life, by turning their backs on the car and the sofa to keep fit.

The average 25 year old takes 2,300 calories a day, exercises only thrice a week and munches on 12 types of junk food every month, researchers said.

Compared to 25-year-olds, 50-year-olds take below 1990 calories daily, spends exercising more time and does at least 4 different types of activity.exercise

The older generation gives into the temptation of junk food just once each week. The survey also shows people in their mid-20s tuck into three takeaways a month, while 50-somethings have only one.

Many young people are not understanding the benefit of balanced and holistic approach to diet and lifestyle.

Source: Daily Mail