6 Fitness Tips when on a Budget

Perhaps the start of a new year has inspired you to get serious about your exercise routine, but your budget can’t be stretched much further. If this is the case for you, do not worry. In the UK residents can easily meet their fitness goals and stay on their budget by making smart exercise choices. Follow these simple and affordable tips to improve your fitness in the on a budget.

1. Don’t overlook free or inexpensive resources. Some basic and inexpensive items can give you everything you need for great exercise at your home, without spending too much. Grab a resistance band, a jumping rope, and some hand weights and you will have everything you need for a complete workout. You can even save a bit more by substituting the
canned foods you already have around your house or flat in the place of hand weights.

Fitness Tips when on a Budget

2. Make child’s play of fitness. Finding time for exercising can be extra challenging for parents of little ones, but incorporating time with your children into your exercise regime can solve that problem–with the added benefit of being a free way to work up a sweat. Walking or jogging with small children in a stroller is one great option, but there are even more choices for motivated parents. Chasing after energetic tikes provides instant interval training to get your heart pumping. Utilize playground equipment, like the monkey bars, while your children play for strength training or jog laps as you watch them play.

3. Try out a gym for free. A gym membership may be just what you need to get fit, but you want to be certain it is the right gym for you before you join. A risk free trial will allow you to find a gym that is perfect for you. If you take the time to find a gym you really like, you are more likely to go more frequently, thus making the most of your money. Find out how to get a free trial pass to a UK gym here.

 4. Find accountability. Whatever workout regime you begin, you will get the most from your money if you utilize the program frequently. Enlist the help of a fitness-minded pal and hold one another accountable. Or consider using a free program on your phone or computer to chart your progress. Some workplaces even offer programs to help hold you accountable and offer incentives for your progress. You will likely find that holding yourself accountable will keep you motivated and help you maximize the money and effort you put into your fitness goals.

5. Log on to exercise. Multiple options exist on the internet to help you get fit, and even better, many of them are free or low cost. You can search sites like YouTube for free exercise videos or browse sites for step-by-step tutorials on routines to perform. Other sites require members to pay a subscription fee, but are still just a fraction of what you would pay if you went to a private studio or personal trainer.

6. Use the buddy system. Enlist a friend with similar fitness goals and commit to working out together. Not only is it more fun to exercise together, it is also a budget savvy way to meet your fitness goals. Some gyms even allow you to split the cost of a personal trainer with a friend, making it a more cost effective option.