A New Routine Too Hard? It’s Not!

This post and video speaks about a round booty work out and for sure the exercises look to be effective for achieving a bootilicious result; but more importantly, the post speaks about finding the time and the motivation for starting a new routine.

We all have several issues about how to find the time and how to fit into a busy schedule any kind of workout.

When you think about it, it all really boils down to giving up half an hour of sleep or TV or some other dispensable activity  for fitting in a work out. It depends upon priorities really.

new routine

When you prioritize things, do you want that half hour of sleep in the early morning more than a fit, toned healthy body with more energy and get up and go? It could be something as simple as getting up just half an hour early, doing about 5 minutes of warm up, followed by 20 minutes of working out, and then end with some stretches.

The rest of the day can follow as usual, and one is sure to find a marked increase in energy levels and a feeling of strength and vitality; a vast improvement upon before!