Are You Overdoing Your Fitness Regime?

over exercisingIt is possible to overdo a fitness routine, and there is a line between thin and fit that should ideally not be crossed.

Over exercising can have negative repercussions. Over exercising can mean inadequate rest and recuperation, which can sometimes result in serious health issues because –

  • It can deplete the body of energy and result in chronic fatigue. Immune responses of the body may become compromised and the person may become prone to illness and infection.
  • Increase in the resting pulse rate is an important indicator and if this increases, this is a serious warning sign that things cannot be allowed to continue as they are.
  • Severe calorie restriction or excessive physical training can sometimes result in irregular periods or loss of periods, which is also called amenorrhea. This can result in infertility and other complications in times to come.
  • Over training may result in the body being unable to. This can result in difficulty falling asleep, or waking up in the night, and a general difficulty in relaxation.
  • Caloric restriction that is severe can also put the body in physical stress, which may result in food cravings or an unnatural suppression of the appetite, which in turn can cause other health problems.