Belly Dancing And Hula Hoops, Fun Fitness Helpers

Without motivation any sort of exercise will not work for any length of time but if you find something that you really enjoy then the enthusiasm needs no encouragement.

There are several new ways to keep fit and you can forget things like step aerobics, these new exercise regimes are all about having fun.

From belly dancing to hula hooping there is something for everyone to try.

Everyone probably tried hula hooping when they were younger, great fun and it kept everyone amused in the yard. For those that didn’t indulge, then basically it is a large hoop that you spin around your waist, trying to stop it falling to the ground.hula hooping

As a form of exercise it can burn over one hundred calories just with ten minutes of maneuvering your body in contorted and twisted ways. It is actually equal to a steady run but so much more enjoyable. Perfect for the wobbly tummy area and those thunder thighs.

Originating from ancient Egypt, belly dancing exercises the stomach region like no other routine. It also targets the upper arm region and even the back so is a great all rounder. Whilst perceived only to be undertaken by women there is no reason why men can’t partake in it as well.

Belly dancing is very graceful unlike other types of aerobic exercises which use more athletic and measured movement. Once mastered it is very relaxing and exhilarating at the same time, a heady combination which is becoming very popular.

If it gets the heart pumping and involves a bit of sweating, then it is fun and as beneficial as going to the gym.