Busting the Most Common Cardio Machine Myths

Cardio is one of the most popular workout techniques and the most loved daily exercise routine part for most health and fitness enthusiasts around the world.  Not only is cardio very beneficial for the cardiovascular health and efficiency but is also a great way to burn more calories and lose weight.  A 30 minute walk on the treadmill or a good session on the elliptical is a superb way to fire up your energy and experience burning of calories. But even inspite of the popularity of cardio machines, there are many myths and misconceptions associated with them. The following are some myths along with their actual facts:


Myth 1: walking or running on the treadmill is as good as running outside

One of the most common myths associated with cardio machines and in particular treadmills is that walking or running on a treadmill is as good as running outside. Well, treadmills are great and offer a lot of versatility and calorie burning capabilities but they can never match the level of challenge that running outside does.  Treadmills must never be considered a replacement for the good old jog or run outside, unless the weather is not friendly. The strides you take on a treadmill belt are smaller than the strides you take outside and this makes a huge difference between the two. Visit http://treadmill-ratings-reviews.com/ for more on the same.

Myth 2: one must change the intensity of the workout based on the heart rate display

Cardio machines like treadmills and elliptical have an inbuilt heart rate monitor which senses your pulse rate on the basis of your fingertips and hands. Many people think that they must change the intensity of their work out on the basis of the reading of the heart rate display. This is a misconception since these display readings are mostly relied on sporadic data and may not always be very accurate.  Also, the pulse felt from the hand or fingertips may be different than the pulse felt from the heart.

Myth 3: the calories burned reading on the display is accurate

Ofcourse, who doesn’t like to see that they have burned a great deal of calories after their workout.People are convinced that the calories burned reading on the display is accurate. However one must understand that the number displayed is actually a little inflated. Most cardio machines are tested on very huge and muscular people and because of this, the estimated calories burned number is programmed according to them.  Thus if you are an average built guy or a female, the number of calories displayed and actually burned will be very different.

Myth 4: stationary bikes have no benefits

It is true that stationary bikes offer a low impact workout and may not enable you to burn as many calories as any other cardio machine does but this doesn’t mean that it is a useful machine with no benefits. Stationary bikes too offer a good workout session but only if done for a decent time frame. Log on to http://fitness-equipment-source.com/ to know more about the same.