Celebrity Fitness Secrets

What do they do to look so good? This is a question most of us have caught ourselves asking, and apart from great genes, these are some of the secrets behind celebrity fitness and weight loss :

Celebrity Fitness

  • Blake Lively’s fitness secret is fiber. According to celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella, fiber is what keeps Lively and others looking great; also fiber is great for the digestion and one of the reasons behind those washboard abs.
  • Ben Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner and her trainer Valerie Waters ensure that the pantry is kept clear of unhealthy foods such as cookies, refined flour, and other processed items. Stock only healthy food at home and make sure labels are read properly.
  • The secret behind Audrina Partridge’s svelte form is advice from Christine Avanti, chef and clinical nutritionist and the small regular meals she recommends.
  • For Jeremy Piven, it is organic, local and sustainable food choices, and a big no-no to packaged food items.
  • Sandra Bullock depends upon the Simple Clean Food Plan, which is a food delivery service based out of Los Angeles and this is what helps ensure that she eats small portions of fresh food.
  • For supermodel Cindy Crawford, moderation has always been the key – even pizza is not forbidden, but the portion is small, and salad forms the remainder of the meal.