Crissy Perham Speaks About Her Olympic Mantras

Olympic medalist Crissy Perham is famous for the dogged determination and the undying perseverance that won her, her medals.

However, even now years later, after she settled down to life as a coach she has certain mantras that she lives her life by and which she hopes she is able to inculcate in her students as well; lessons that are invaluable in sport and perhaps for success in any sphere of life:fitness trainer

1. Find something you are passionate about. She advises those who find her to be an inspiration, to “Find an activity and goal that you love and are passionate about”. It really becomes simple after that. Because if you do find something that you love doing you can persevere with it. It does not seem like a chore and it is then easy to go on to the next step.

2. “Work hard. Work hard. Work hard,” she says. This is an affirmation of the central fact of life, that excellence does not come easy. Perhaps it explicates the old adage; genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. This fact is illustrated by the fact that during school, Crissy was a good swimmer but not really Olympic material until such time as she really decided to go after her goals with everything that she had.

3. “Find a mentor/coach,” she says and tries her best to be the best kind possible for her students as well.

Source: Psychology Today