Dancing Your Way To Fitness: The Fun Way To Get Fit

Television shows featuring dancing are more popular than they have been in a long time, and they have spurred a new interest in dancing for fun and fitness.

And for good reason: dancing exercise is a lot of fun, but it is also physically demanding. Still, there is no better way to get fit and have fun at the same time than to dance.

Start by thinking about the kind of dance in which you might like to participate.

Do you want to dance with a partner, or do you want to dance on your own?dancing

Do you want a mostly social style of dance that allows for maximum conversation and interaction, or are you interested in getting a really intense workout?

Do you want something classic like ballroom dancing, or you interested in something more cutting edge, like a Bollywood or Zumba class? Whatever type of dance you are interested in, and whatever type of fitness level you are starting from, you can find a class that works for you.

Once you have chosen a style of dance, it is time to observe some classes to find one that is a good fit for you. Different instructors have different styles, so find one that you think will work well for you.

Ideally the class should be small enough that you can get some personal attention so that you learn to perform the moves correctly and don’t develop any bad habits that can be hard to break later.

If you are choosing a style of dance that requires a partner, you may want a class that is large enough that you will have the opportunity to dance with a number of partners.

Some classes call for special attire, while others don’t. There are a few types of dance that can be performed barefoot, or in regular exercise shoes.

Some types of dance require special dancing shoes, which usually are designed for a combination of support and flexibility, and often have leather soles.

Unless special clothing is specified, choose something in keeping with the spirit of the class. Dancing should be fun after all, and it is far better to wear clothing that makes the experience more fun.

Remember that dancing, although fun, is exercise. If you have not been very active, start slowly and work up to the level of intensity you desire. Remember to stretch after dancing to help keep your muscles limber.