Females ‘Less Physically Active’

Females are less physically active at both ends of life than their male counterparts, two studies suggest.

Researchers studied activity levels in school children and the over 70s – and in both cases found males tended to be more active.

Liverpool John Moores University found girls take part in 6% less vigorous playtime activity than boys.

The researchers, who focused on 10 and 11 year-old children in the school playground, found that boys and girls tend to play differently.

Girls tended to spend time in smaller groups and engage in verbal games, conversation and socialising.

Most boys, however, played in larger groups, which lend themselves more to physically active games, such as football.

Researcher Dr Nicky Ridgers said: “It is a concern that girls’ activity levels are lower than boys and, although it is just one piece in a complex picture, this could be contributing to girls being overweight and obese.

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