Fitness Balls Go Bang, Injuring Users

You may well get more than you bargained for when trying to get fit, especially if your weapon of choice is a fitness ball.

With almost fifty injuries to date caused by over inflation the manufacturers involved have issued new guidelines for the balls involved.

There is no need to panic, the Consumer Product Safety Commission know that the problem is purely about being cautious when inflated the product. The company EB Brands says that over 3,000,000 fitness balls have been recalled on a voluntary basis, these were sold over a nine year ball

The products include Valeo, BodyFit, Everlast, and Bally Total Fitness which all come in different colors and sizes. The new instruction sheet details how to avoid over inflating the ball, firstly only the pump included with the product should be used.

Many people have been using an air compressor, which blows cold air; this can then warm up with body or room heat.

The increased popularity of these fitness balls is their ability to add an extra level of fitness because they work the bodies, core muscles and are excellent for the tummy region, where many people have a problem.

Hopefully this recent incidents will not put consumers off as a simple check to see if the fitness ball is at the correct size will prevent any problems.

Lastly your ball will be very safe as long as you ensure that the room where you will be working out is not hotter than 32 degrees centigrade or colder than 18 degrees. If in doubt take advice from the safety commission.